In early 2010, the 2 cats, the dog, Nina and Paul quit their day jobs, packed their lives away and moved into a 40-foot RV to follow their dream of living an alternative life and exploring the USA on wheels. That day Wheelingit was born.

TS: How has this alternative lifestyle changed your definition of “happiness?”

Nina: Honestly I’m not sure my definition of happiness has changed, but my experience of it certainly has. RVing has allowed me to discover new places and people, expanded my horizons, and bought me closer to nature, which always makes me happy. Travel is soul-enriching stuff!

TS: Does your lifestyle sometimes conflict with the pressure to maintain a blog?

Nina: This is a very good question! I think there is always an element of conflict when you travel and work at the same time. Blogging takes a lot of time, as does other social media such as Instagram and YouTube. To grow a following you have to blog regularly, which means time taken away from visiting and traveling. So, we try to stay places longer and move a little slower.

TS: Some sights during your travels that simply took your breath away…

Nina: The wild crash of the Pacific Ocean on the Oregon coast, the incredible chasm of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, winter sunset over the California desert, sunrise over the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. I could go on and on.

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