This year’s list for the world’s most expensive and cheapest cities is out. We hope it’ll help you decide where to go!

World’s costliest cities
3.Zurich, Switzerland
4.Hong Kong
5.Oslo, Norway
6.Geneva, Switzerland
7.Seoul, South Korea
8.Copenhagen, Denmark
9.Tel Aviv, Israel
10.Sydney, Australia

World’s cheapest cities
 1.Damascus, Syria
2.Caracus, Venezuela
3.Almaty, Kazakhstan
4.Lagos, Nigeria
5.Bangalore, India
6.Karachi, Pakistan
7.Algiers, Algeria
8.Chennai, India
9.Bucharest, Romania
10.New Delhi, India

1.Paris climbed up to 2nd place from being the 7th most expensive city in 2017
2.Mexico rose the fastest, climbing up 23 spots
3.Surprise! London is no longer among the top 10 costliest cities
4.Damascus, Syria, upstaged Almaty, Kazakhstan as this year’s cheapest city