Chef Gennaro Rociola now runs Gerry’s Grill & Bistro in Adelaide, Australia. We met him some time ago, when he helmed the kitchen at Amour, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi. Sample a snippet from our conversation, and the chef’s special recipe for crepes!
How would you describe your style of cooking in one word:
  My style is to enjoy what I am doing with love and passion
 Your idea of comfort food
   To keep the recipe authentic and give the people happiness in what you cook with unique style, high quality and fresh ingredients, good presentation.
Favourite snack to go with your drinks
My favorite snack is a platter of cheese or bruschetta with fresh tomato and cheese
One tip for a newbie cook
Love your job, keep a positive attitude to the sacrifice
Your secret ingredient
Perseverance and passion in cuisine 
 When unexpected guests arrive at home, you serve them
    I serve them always something that they never get disappoint.
 The commonest mistake cooks make
  They think to know already everything, in our job we never finish to learn…
Chef Crepes
Note: We have left the chef’s instructions unedited, to give you a flavour of his own Italian voice!

Recipes 4 persons

120 gr Flour

100 ml milk

80gr butter unsalted

150 gr mushrooms shiitake

150 gr mushrooms button

200 gr fresh spinach

200 gr fresh ricotta cheese

40 gr green asparagus

20 gr garlic

20 gr onion

1 cup of white wine

40 ml extra virgin olive oil

80 gr blue cheese Danish or German or Italian if available

40 ml fresh cream


Before to start this recipes, we must prepare the filo pasta for the crepes, take a bowl and add milk and flour and half of the butter is mentioned above and start to twist till come a very smooth cream.

Take it now a non stick pan fried with a 10gr of butter and pouring about 50/55 gr of cream that you prepared before, it must be cooked in both side until the color of the crepes get little crispy and bronze color.

Keep away the crepes and start with the others three.

Preparation for stuffing:

Now we start to prepare the stuffing for the crepes: clean very good all the mushroom, chop very thin and cook with garlic and a 20ml of extravergin olive oil, pouring the white wine and reduct, when the mushrooms are cooked , keep away.

With the spinach we go to boil in a hot salt water just a few minute, and when are ready we keep away,.

We follow the same procedure with the asparagus, just cook a couple minute in hot water and keep away too.

Now we have all the mushrooms, spinach and asparagus cooked and we can mix in a bowl with the ricotta cheese, onion, garlic, and olive extravirgin oil.

Take it the crepes we prepared before one by one and start to filling in equal part about 180/ 190 gr per crepes and start to make a roll, of course for 4 persons you need to do this procedure 4 time , when you are ready, put the crepes in a trail with some butter and baked in oven for about 10min at 180 degree, when are ready, you can finish to cook on salamander grill just to give the crispy and the right gold color to the crepes.

You can plating the crepes with a cheese fondue’ spread on the plate.

Preparation for a cheese fondue

Take a sauce pan, add some butter, the blue cheese and the fresh cream , start to stir until get very creamed, you can add if you want with some black pepper.