• Minimalist Baker
10 ingredients or less, 1 bowl or 1 pot, or 30 minutes or less to prepare. Being lactose intolerant herself, Dana started experimenting with her food and fluffed up into a delicious Minimalist Baker. Her fuss-free recipes carry irresistible names, too. Crispy Smashed Potato with Garlic Pesto. Blissed-out Thai Salad with Peanut Tempeh. Life-changing Banana Walnut Pancakes! The talented Dana also runs a Food Photography School.



• The Scran Line
Cupcakes so pretty, you would want to put them in a showcase. The Scran Line is a personal ‘Food Project’ by Nick Makrides. Raspberry lemonade cupcakes? Blueberry french toast cupcakes? Matcha? Tiramisu? Rosée champagne? Whatever you’d want in a cupcake, Makrides has done it. He’s one of thousands of food YouTubers, but what makes the artistic Australian stand out is his graphic design background that adds style and tons of fun to his videos.



• Topless Baker

Topless Baker, aka Matt Adlard, a 24-year-old aspiring chef from London, makes YouTube tutorials for sweet treats topless. Matt grew up with a Michelin-starred chef as a dad (David Adlard). Floral detailing is what makes Matt’s cakes and pies standout.



• Vijaya Selvaraju: On Tastemade.com

Vijaya Selvaraju is an adventurous and dynamic self-taught cook and on-camera presenter from Toronto. Born in Chennai, India, Vijaya shares eclectic recipes from her childhood as well as explores cuisines and flavours from the countries she visits. Palak Paneer Mini Pizza—what an idea!



C.R Tan

Singapore is, by now, a universally recognised destination for food. Documenting it all is this photographer, stylist, and barista who, being unable to attend culinary school, taught himself how to cook watching videos and cooking shows online. An avid traveller in the region, he also snaps the must-visit spots across Asia, from Taiwan to Tokyo.