1. It’s one of the oldest towns in Norway, and eye-poppingly beautiful, with mountains and dramatic coastal landscapes. Plus, just look at those colourful houses!

    Hammerfest, Norway

  2. It is hiking paradise. Just follow the coastline and mountain peaks, and you’re on the right track. For the best panoramic view of the town, take a zigzag walk up the “mountain” Salen.

  3. You’ll catch big fish here. Cod, halibut, trout and a wealth of marine creatures thrive in these waters. 

  4. Draped in sea mist, the town of Hammerfest is both lovely and lively. By night, it glitters like a jewel. 

  5. It’s got a UNESCO Heritage Site. The Meridian Column stands on a place that was used to work out the size of the Earth. Fascinating. 


Source: Visit Norway