Spain boasts a range of historical sites of national interest which have been converted into high-end accommodation. If you are coming to Spain and you’re looking for a different and original place to stay, take a look at these suggestions. Castles, caves, traditional buildings and other places surrounded by nature and full of art and culture.


Country Houses In Asturias


Loft room at the Casona del Bosque de Pumares (Pumares).


Asturias has loads to enjoy, it’s no secret: countryside, culture, coast, gastronomy, sport… However, staying at an unusual hotel could also turn your stay in this region of northern Spain into an unforgettable experience in every sense. ‘Casonas Asturianas’ (stately houses) are unusual places to stay on account of their unique architecture, quality, and surroundings.

Peñalba Mansion.

Deciding to stay at Casonas Asturianas means having the chance to sleep in places with particular charm. Amongst other options, you will find Modernist palaces, beautifully refurbished 17th-century buildings, constructions with traditional regional architecture, or the so-called ‘Casas de Indians’ (mansions originally built by returning emigrants who had made their fortunes in Latin America, bringing back the colours and aesthetics from that continent).

Terrace at La Cepada hotel (Cangas de Onís).

Inside you will be surprised by the beautiful, welcoming décor of the different rooms, which creates a unique atmosphere in each establishment. You will also have other creature comforts at your disposal such as television or hydro-massage shower, but only on one condition: they will be harmoniously integrated into their surroundings.


If you are looking for an alternative to the traditional hotels in the city, we suggest something more original: sleeping in a typical cave-house in Granada, Andalusia. Imagine spending a few days in a vast cave dug out on the slope of a ravine, with a whitewashed chimney and a porch with plants, fully equipped for tourists.

Sacromonte, Granada

Each cave-house is decorated in a different way and they usually have one or more bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom, and a living room. And you won’t have to worry about the heat or cold because the caves are dry inside and have a constant year-round temperature of about 18ºC. There are all kinds of caves for everyone – some of them have been designed especially for children and have several galleries where they can hide, and a pool for bathing. Many of them are integrated into a complex with facilities such as a barbecue, swimming pool, garden, restaurant, tea shop, and even a Hamman, or Arab bath.

Sacromonte, Granada

If you like the idea of discovering a cave inside but without staying in one, you can always go to one of the flamenco shows that take place especially in the caves of the Sacromonte neighbourhood in Granada, such as Los Tarantos, María La Canastera, Cueva La Rocío or Venta el Gallo.


“Posadas Reales” in Castile-León, the charm of the countryside

“Posadas Reales” are warm and welcoming

You’ll find many “Posadas Reales” in each one of the nine provinces in Castile-León. If you decide to stay in one of them you’ll discover traditional architecture that is perfectly integrated into the environment. Many of them are fully refurbished manor houses, decorated with many of the original elements.

Posada del Indiano building

The advantage of “Posadas Reales” is the variety of leisure activities they offer. So if you like making the most of your trips, get ready to go hiking, on horse riding routes, kayaking, playing golf, visiting wineries, going on cultural routes to discover towns nearby…


These unique places to stay are a great option if you want to do rural tourism and discover Galicia.

Legends, fairytales, and poems talk about these country manors as part of Galician culture. These buildings are based on medieval castles and fortresses.

Pazo de Oca Manor House

Country manors in Galicia offer a great chance to combine rural tourism and popular culture. If you want to take a break on the Way of Saint James, or if you want to discover the melancholic atmosphere of the north, these houses are a perfect choice. With beautiful shapes and typical elements like ‘hórreos’ (raised granaries) and dovecots, these 17th and 18th-century houses will make you feel like you are in a fairytale.


The Tree Houses

“Cabanes alsarbres” offers to the lovers of nature the pleasure of a stay in direct touch with the tree and its ecosystem, the pleasures of an exile among the foliage, some nights in a nest placed in the framework of the branches of a beautiful tree.

Cabanes als arbres, Sant Hilari Sacalm, Girona

Submerged in an ocean of branches in the northeast of Catalonia, in the county of La Selva, ten comfortable tree houses perfectly camouflage within the foliage, each named after a bird.

The Vileta is a typical Catalan country house equipped with parking, reception, canteen, living room, showers, swimming pool, and garden


Source: Spain Tourism