A wine secret you should know

One of the biggest fallacies is that a glass of cheap wine is of low quality. But price does not necessarily denote it is of poor quality – there is a lack of correlation between the price and perceived quality of a wine. Some incredible wines are not priced highly, simply because they are relatively unknown. So, how should we choose what to drink? Fix a budget, make unusual choices, and let your senses and palate guide you, rather than have price play a significant consideration. After all, you will be the one to enjoy it.



An Indian wine you would pick

My current favourites are H Block Chardonnay from York Winery in whites. In red wines, I like the Krsma Cabernet Sauvignon and Fratelli Sette.


Rapid Fire:

  • White or Red: Why not start with white and end with red?
  • A wine during travel: Wine is the reason I travel and travel is the way I wine!
  • For a night out: Hand me that bottle of fine aged Burgundian Pinot Noir from Volnay or Vosne Romaneé
  • Lunch date wine: Champagne because no great story started with someone eating a salad!
  • A wine you would gift to a friend: A Red Super Tuscan, along with a set of Lucaris Crystal glassware. In fact, I find myself gifting glassware more than wine, as I believe everyone’s initiation into the world of wine has to begin with it.

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Sonal Holland spoke to Amisha Sharan