Travel Secret #349


In the midst of all the clamour that is New York City, lies a quaint little cafe called Cloister. What’s so interesting about it? Hear it from Mumbai-based graphic designer Disha Sanghavi, who attended our magazine’s Write & Shine workshop for aspiring travel journalists:

” New York City’s East Village is home to roads blistering with students and NYU graduates. Located in the corner of one such road is Cloister Cafe.  Brimming with greenery, the place has the power to transport you into a quiet, peaceful haven away from the crowd.  Here, you have the luxury to sit next to a 50-year-old tree and enjoy a quiet read or watch an Audrey Hepburn movie.”

Team TS adds: We like the sound of this cafe, which promises flowers on every table. When we go, we’re sure to try their sweet mango and black sticky rice pudding. Check out the place here: