Hogwarts Kafe, Ashok Vihar [Image Credit : Hogwarts Kafe]

Finally, after years of dreaming about Hogwarts, we’ve got a place to experience it, right here in Delhi.

The Hogwarts Kafe is less than a year old and it’s already created quite a buzz. For starters, it’s all about Harry Potter. From posters of all the Harry Potter houses and robes that they offer for you to wear, to the owl motifs everywhere and also, the names of dishes, the cafe is everything that could make a Potterhead happy. Every small little thing reminds you of Hogwarts.

While it’s not a space that can accommodate a bunch of people, the food here makes up for the lack of space.

I had one of Harry Potter’s most famous drinks, the Butterbeer, which unfortunately was a little disappointing and did not live up to the expectation. I checked with my other Potterhead friends, who confirmed that the Butterbeer is supposed to taste like butterscotch, but the one I tried at Hogwarts Kafe tasted a lot different.

Hogwarts Kafe, Ashok Vihar [Image Credit : Hogwarts Kafe]

Hogwarts Kafe, Ashok Vihar
[Image Credit : Hogwarts Kafe]

The nonpareil experience of The Hogwarts Cafe lies in its extravagant presentation. Every dish seems to be handcrafted and ‘magically’ curated to match the true essence of the Great Hall of Hogwarts.
All the shakes I had the pleasure of having were captivating to all the senses a muggle mind can capture. The pizzas and fries were visually appealing and enchantingly delectable while making sure to explode your taste buds with flavour, such that going for an order repeat seemed undeniably crucial!

However, I’ve yet to try more of this cafe’s savoury dishes for which I’ll definitely be going back.

Pull-over Garlic Bread [Image Credit : Hogwarts Kafe]

Pull-over Garlic Bread
[Image Credit : Hogwarts Kafe]

What Could Be Better

I wish the cafe was more spacious, and had more tables and chairs. Since there isn’t a lot of seating area available, be prepared to wait if you land up at the Hogwarts Kafe during peak hours (i.e. evening).


I recommend that you get food delivered from The Hogwarts Kafe, but if you actually want to see how it looks, take your car. You can check out the cafe, place your order and eat the food inside your car taking all the time in the world!

The Hogwarts Kafe: C-2/19, Phase 2, Upper ground floor, Ashok Vihar, Delhi, 110052

Review: Kamna Rishiraj