Great Indian Horned Owl at Sariska National Park

Although primarily a tiger reserve, Sariska Tiger Reserve in Alwar, Rajasthan, is a delightful spot for bird lovers, too.



More than 200 other species of birds call Sariska home. If you travel to the park in the peak season, the sheer music of chirrup, squawk, screech and coo will delight your heart.

If you’re going, look out for the Great Indian Horned Owl or the Tiger Owl which is a huge owl native to America.

Great Indian Horned Owl

Great Indian Horned Owl


Know Before You Go:

  • The owl lives in deeply scored ravines and gullies. The indiscriminate use of pesticides is rendering it infertile and reducing its life-span, so it is an endangered species.
  • You’ll know it by its arresting orange-yellow eyes. During the day, it sits motionless in a cleft in a rock face or under a bush, relying on its cryptically coloured plumage for camouflage. At dusk it sets out, and you can hear its distinctive ‘who-whooo’ call, which is not loud but reaches far.
  • The owl breeds between December and April. Usually, the largest chick kills and eats its younger siblings. Not much more is known about the natural history of this bird, but if you spot one in Sariska, you’ll know you’ve seen something special.

More Sarika Species

The Crested Serpent Eagle, a bird of prey that is found across tropical Asia

Crested Serpent Eagle

Sandgrouse, commonly found in arid land of central and northern Africa, and southern Asia—this one can easily win a bird’s beauty contest.

The White-breasted Kingfisher from Eurasia

White-breasted Kingfisher from Eurasia

White-breasted Kingfisher from Eurasia


Plus: Colourful Parakeets tweeting all over the park. Iranian Drongo, Golden Backed Woodpeckers, Bush Quail, Grey Partridges, Tree Pies, Red Jungle Fowl, Sunbirds, Spur Fowl.

And you knew, of course, that Sariska also attracts a lot of migratory birds from Siberia and China during the winter months. Watching these beautiful, carefree creatures living a life in their natural setting, gives you a fresh perspective on life.

Wikipedia Says: Sariska Tiger Reserve is a tiger reserve in Alwar district, Rajasthan, India. It stretches over an area of 881 km² comprising scrub-thorn arid forests, dry deciduous forests, grasslands, and rocky hills. This area was a hunting preserve of the Alwar state and was declared a wildlife reserve in 1955.