About Us

There is a woman. Let’s call her Tanya.

She is smart, successful, and about to turn 30. Tanya is the Creative Head for a hot shot advertising agency in South Delhi. She loves the pumpkin soup at Le Cirque and the bedmi poori in Chandni Chowk. She’s just discovered this lovely little coffee shop near the Garden of Five Senses, and can’t wait to catch the next Anurag Kashyap movie.

Tanya loves to travel. In the last five years, she has been to five continents, and ticked most of the famous tourist attractions off her to-see list. Ask her for directions to the Eiffel Tower and London Eye; she’ll guide you like a local.

But lately, she’s been longing for more.

The next time she goes to Paris, she’d like to taste its flakiest croissant and best coffee. In London, she would like to spend three days discovering little-known parks, boutiques, bars. Ideally, she would like to book her next ticket to a place that the crowds haven’t discovered yet.

It’s time Tanya discovered Travel Secrets.

We’ll take her to a boat-turned-bookshop in Italy and a bargain shoe-shop in Madrid. With us, she’ll learn glass blowing in Scotland and pastry-making in Paris; all within one quick hour. And we’ll tell her about La Baule, a lovely Atlantic beach resort that even French people don’t know about!

As we like to say, “Travel Secrets is more than a magazine; it is a new way to see the world. We aim to equip the urban traveller with advice, ideas and secrets that can make travel smarter, smoother and more fun.”

Launched in January 2012, the magazine has rapidly created a niche for itself through sheer force of powerful, personalised reporting.

With more than 11,400 followers on Instagram  and more than 1,00,000 readers within and outside India, we are a well-loved name among travel industry experts and travel lovers alike.

Our love of the interesting and the offbeat shines through on every page, speaking volumes about how we’re run by that most powerful of propellers–passion!

Hello, Tanya: ready to connect with our lady in London and our man in Japan?