TS: “We feel the joy of solo travel in your writing. But is there a downside to it at all?”

AR: “Oscar. That is who comes to mind when you ask about the downside of my solo travels. He’s my pup and we were inseparable for four years until the whole travel bug happened. I feel like he’s the biggest thing I gave up, even more so than having a normal life, a normal relationship, and a normal job. I’m actually not mad at all about all of the latter except that I can’t seem to find a relationship that fits my full-time travel lifestyle. To be completely honest; I only started travelling solo because I had no one to travel with me, then it stuck, now it’s normal, but I really would like to find that one person who can share this incredible world with me….and maybe help me get a passport for my dog.”

Excerpted from our upcoming interview with Alyssa Ramos, a self-made full time solo travel blogger.