Chances are, you’ve been to Bangkok multiple times but missed this one.

Located inside Esplanade Shopping Mall on Ratchada road, it’s an art gallery, but not your usual string of spotlit paintings on the wall. You’ll feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland as you walk in here. Life-sized portraits and landscapes greet you at every corner of this surprisingly labyrinthine space. No wonder they call it the Trickeye museum or 3D Museum, too.

Some of the 3-D creations are absolutely brilliant; like this one where I’m all chopped up:



Instagram addicts: you’re advised to ensure your phone has enough storage space— oh the shots you’re going to get!

Selfie-lovers: what a paradise for pampering your vanity! Get clicked under a waterfall, on a Venetian-style boat, walking a rope bridge, kissing a pooch…

Solo travellers: you’ll enjoy this gallery twice as much if you find yourself some company. Family, couples and friends—set aside a good two hours to enjoy the clickathon!