Preeti Shenoy, one of India’s best-selling authors, is known for her heartwarming, realistic stories. Here’s her travel secret:

If you’re going to London, take a bus to Norwich, and go experience the Norfolk broads. “Miles and miles of gentle waterways glistening in the sunlight with peaceful Norfolk countryside as far as the eye can see,” is how the locals would describe it. What they do not tell you, is how truly uplifting for the soul it is.


Norwich Quay Side Image:

The Norfolk Broads are UK’s largest nationally protected wetland. They are 125 miles of gentle, navigable and picturesque waterways with plenty of place to moor, jump off the boat and explore charming little villages or market towns or just while away an afternoon at a pub, with a bottle of wine some soulful music and good company.

You can either take a group tour or hire your own boat. Better still, book a Picnic Boat that comes equipped with a toilet and a stove where you can make coffee, tea or anything hot.

Boats for Hire Image:

Boats for Hire Image:

Love it enough to linger? Take an excursion boat with bedrooms, and go off for 3-4 days. We hired a picnic boat, which put us in total charge. We took turns driving it. It was truly a marvellous experience to “park” the boat and explore the land and then come back and sail away.

Tip: it is best to let the fittest members in your group to moor the boat.

Put the Norfolk broads trip on your  “List of places to visit before I die.” You are sure to cherish it.

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