One crisp winter evening, we sat under the stars and enjoyed a lovely meal at BOA – Best Of Asia – in North Delhi. Here’s a quick recap:

The Decor

It’s beautifully designed and really large! They’ve converted the top of the old Exchange Building into a restaurant, giving it a sparkling new lease of life. We were told that the layout of the restaurant is inspired by Chinese mythology concept of Earth (Diqui), Sky (Tiakong) and Heaven (Tian) above with the first level representing Earth, the second level representing Sky and the highest level representing heaven. Truth to tell, it wasn’t all that apparent to us, but whatever they have done is good. The place does have an earthy, elemental sort of feel.



BOA scores high in the one department that really matters: food. Their menu features dishes from the entire pan Asian region, including Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese, Cambodian and Korean dishes with some Indian dishes. We dug into their dimsums and discovered soft, well-spiced deliciousness. The khao suey was superb too.

You’ll be spoilt for choice: sushi, noodles, Thai curries,  Belgian Pork belly in Teriyaki sauce, Siracha Chicken…the list is rather endless, and having sampled a hearty selection, we can vouch for the efficiency of the chef.

Because the terrace was warmed by big, strong heaters, we were able to enjoy a bunch of chilled cocktails. Do try their Desi Tadka, a spin on the Bloody Mary with Vodka, tomato, beetroot, carrot, amla juice flavoured with ginger and black salt. I’m not a fan of betel-leaf flavoured drinks but the bartender promised that the Som Ras, starring Pan flavoured Vodka and a fresh Pan leaf was godly-nectar stuff. Honestly, it wasn’t, but not bad either. In any case, the drinks menu is almost as extensive as the food, so take your time choosing your poison for the night. There’s many flavours of sheesha, too. Smart thinking, considering the restaurant is a heartbeat away from Delhi University’s North Campus. There’s a giant projector screen, so you can watch matches with your friends over coffee or booze or sheesha or all of them.

Desserts. Hmm. The customary dates-in-wanton-wrappers was there, but we chose two chocolate treats: chocolate dimsum – chocolate wrapped in rice flour wrapper, deep fried and served with ice cream, and chocolate sushi – chocolate wrapped in nori sheets. Both were yummy.

So all in all, a lovely loungey place in a great location. Wins our vote for a laid-back night out with friends, family or your partner in crimes of culinary passion:)