Best time to book a hotel room


Do you really want to join the Holiday rush—Christmas, Fourth of July and such? You’ll pay more but likely get indifferent service, thanks to the surging crowds. Book either right before the holiday or right after, when you’re likely to grab good deals as well as enjoy the holiday vibe.

Best time to book a hotel room

Book between three and four weeks before your desired travel date

Should you wait for last minute deals? Here’s what we suggest—three to four weeks before your desired travel date, make a reservation on a “Free Cancellation/No Pre-payment” basis so that you have peace of mind. Now keep track of better deals and change your booking once you find a better hotel or room.

Aren’t mid-city pads too expensive? Well, you may not end up saving much even if you get a cheaper price away from the city centre. Consider the time and money you’d be spending on transport, too.

Is it wise to take the “breakfast included” option? We think the convenience ends up costing you extra, and hotel breakfasts can be predictably boring. Why not go eat as the locals do—most places have a good sprinkling of cafes.

Do you really need a plush place? Yes, if you plan to stay indoors most of the time. But if you’re only going to crash there for the night, why not save your money for shopping?!