The best recommendation a  restaurant can get is by word of mouth. Burma Burma got so many that I had no choice but to go check it out. A friend who works in one of the glitzy Cyberhub offices invited me to have lunch with her there, with the friendly warning, “You’d better skip breakfast; that khao suey is quite filling.”

Khao Suey at Burma Burma

Yes the khao suey was filling. And fulfilling. It was so warm, silken and well-spiced that we ate without a word, focussing completely on decking the coconutty, curry-soaked noodles with fried onion, peanuts, spring onion greens and lemon; then scooping them hungrily up. Each delicious spoonful made our tastebuds feel as comforted as your back feels when warm oil is massaged into it.

Burma Burma, the authentic Burmese restaurant and Tea Room, is a delight to discover. We tried a few other dishes, but other than the divine khao suey, the one thing we enjoyed most was their selection of teas. To watch them brew is in itself a pleasure, and sipping them cleanses and refreshes your palate perfectly well.

On special occasions such as the Burmese New Year festivities, they celebrate with a Thingyan menu, inspired by the countryside of Myanmar, with the locals in Central and Southern parts of the country, small hilly and coastal regions* like Hpa – An, Mawlamyine (Burma – Thai border), Mon, Kayah , Kayin States.

For you, this means a golden opportunity to taste traditional Burmese dishes like Spicy Avocado Tea Leaf Salad, Quack Palata, 999 Noodles. The limited edition menu at these times also features Burmese Village sets and small plates. The unique dishes are packed with flavour and punch, inspired by the Southern and central part of Burma.

For vegetarians like me, there’s additional comfort in knowing it’s all “safe” to eat; no suspicious broths or ladles involved. My co-diner is a dedicated carnivore, but surprisingly, or actually not so surprisingly, she picks Burma Burma for lunch six times out of the 10 that she lunches out in Cyberhub. 

The next time I ate at Burma Burma was at its DLF Mall of India outlet in Noida. The decor was ditto and the khao suey was equally good. The decor of the restaurant is beautiful without calling attention to itself, keeping the focus firmly on the food. That’s why, even though the tables are a tad closer to each other than I’d prefer, you don’t care once the food arrives.

The one item on their menu that I’m not particularly fond of are the steam buns. To me, they tasted a bit bland; boring even. And my friend felt the same. The desserts, too, could do with a bit of innovation. But honestly, I’m happy to go back to Burma Burma any time, just to slurp that heavenly yellow curry and enjoy the exquisite white tea. It is fail-proof comfort food, the Burmese answer to butter chicken and Thai curry, if you like. 

Meal for two- Rs 1500 plus taxes

Timings- Lunches  ( 12 – 4 pm ) and Dinners  ( 6.30 pm – 11.30 pm )

At Burma Burma outlets in Select City Walk, Cyber Hub & DLF Mall of India in Noida

Review: Shubhra Krishan, Chetna Srinivasan, Deepali Bharadwaj