The entire stretch from Mount Carmel Church to Hill Road, Bandra, is covered with street graffiti – a visual treat, for those who pass by. You will find most of the street art around Chapel Road and Waroda Road. The little village of Ranwar, which falls along the way, is the hidden gem. This vibrant enclave with its ancient bungalows and narrow streets has been transformed into a creative hub.

frog chapel road

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Artists from all over the world have left their mark here. You’ll meet serenading lovers juxtaposed with toons, frogs and fish, stars and all sorts of other funky illustrations. Let your imagination take over as you create your own interpretations of the artwork.

You’ll also find a few murals of Bollywood actors. These were done as a part of The Bollywood Art Project (a.k.a. B.A.P) dedicated to decorating the walls of Mumbai with 70s inspired Bollywood themed graffiti. The project was conceptualized by N.I.D graduate Ranjit Dahiya, who came up with the idea to use the outer walls of Bandra homes as a canvas.

bachan chapel road

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The area attracts a bunch of tourists and many are drawn to its relaxed Goan feel. It is definitely worth visiting on a day when the traffic is at a minimum.

-Travel Secret #279: Travel Secrets writer Tanya Anand