She is lovely, friendly and runs a fabulous guest house in the heart of Vienna, Austria. Meet Nina Wildzeisz-Rezner:


I found Nina on a Vienna blog, while researching places to stay. The writer had stayed with her and written a glowing recommendation of the lady and her place. Enchanted, I wrote a note to Nina, asking if she would be happy to let us stay a day at her guesthouse, in exchange for a review. Within minutes, I had a reply:

Dear Shubhra,

thank you very much for your email! We are really honored that you consider to visit our holiday rental during your stay in Vienna! Just for your information: We are no hotel but a Viennese family who rents this (and only this) apartment for guests who spend their holidays in Vienna – so a very “small” travel secret, indeed! 😉 In case that you are however interested in visiting our Holiday rental “Wiener Zuhause,” I would be happy to welcome you – just let me know if you like to come!

Have a nice day and best wishes from Vienna

Of course I was interested: “small” travel secrets are my favourite kind of secrets!

A month later, I arrived at her guesthouse. The first thing that struck me was the excellent location–the guesthouse sits within one of Vienna’s most bustling neighbourhoods. Vienna State Opera is just 10 minutes away. Chic bars, pubs, supermarkets, drugstores and boutiques are scattered all around. And yet, the place is located in a quiet old brick building, away from noise.

Nina came running down the stairs to greet me, and although she could barely speak (because of a sore throat) the smile in her eyes  instantly warmed my heart.

Then I stepped into her apartment, and it was like stepping into sunshine. I don’t think my words or the photos below can do justice to the colourful, bright beauty of the place, but here is what it looks like:


2  3

On the dining table, she had set out tea, cake and baskets filled with local Viennese creations:

4   5

All I wanted to do was cosy up in there and soak in the sunshine, the beauty and the warmth. But the pull of Vienna city was too strong to resist, and I stepped out for another day of exploration. Bus No. 13 A arrives just across the street from Nina’s place, and takes you to Hauptbahnhof, one of Vienna’s arterial metro stations. While it was a treat to shop, eat and enjoy the city, I kept looking forward to a long, leisurely evening back at her place.

If I’m ever going back to Austria–and I can’t wait to–it’s at Nina’s that I’ll stay. After all, now she is more than just a gracious apartment owner who hosted us for a day. Nina Wildzeisz-Rezner is also our Austria Correspondent! Here is a Vienna secret from her.

You can look forward to many more soon!