TS: “You lived in the port city of Fethiye. Can you paint a picture of it in words?
DD: “Fethiye is a beautiful region with turquoise seas, green pine tree covered mountains and historical lycian rock tombs and ruins. Gulets and boats sail in and out of the harbour daily. In summer, there are plenty of tourists wandering around, going on daily boat trips and taking advantage of the blue skies, seas and guaranteed hot weather. In winter, the snow-capped mountains make a perfect backdrop. From fishing boats to big yachts, from big supermarkets to old streets lined with traditional shops selling carpets, rugs, candle holders and tiles. From the bustling restaurants selling all kinds of delicious food, to the market stalls selling fresh fruit, vegetables and homemade cheeses and Turkish delight. It has something for everyone.”

Excerpted from our upcoming interview with Danni Değirmenci, a 25-year-old London girl who moved to Calis, Fethiye when she was just 18 years old.