Spain seems to have a thing for mushrooms. There are tapas bars and restaurants dedicated entirely to the famous fungus, and we stumbled upon one of them in Madrid. It’s located in a charming old alley right behind the city’s arterial street, the Gran Via.

“El Cisne Azul” means “The Blue Swan.” It is easy to miss or at least pass by, if you’re a tourist. But the locals dig the no-fuss interiors and the fantastic food, starring mushrooms in all shapes and sizes.


The decor, as you can see, is utterly basic.

We were there just in time to see the restaurant open its doors. Inside, the affable owner stood slicing fresh bread, ready to be topped with, what else, mushrooms! Big pots stood bubbling with broth. Staffers carrying trays full of exotic mushrooms milled about. 

If you don’t like mushrooms, you can try the zucchini flowers, steaks, desserts and local drinks. There’s something for everyone here; just don’t expect the food to be spicy.

Watch our guide, Enrique Gonzalez Mendizabal, tell you more about the place. Psst: He’s a fantastic guide: great energy, and an amazing treasury of secrets!