Coffee is taken very seriously in Italy, and there are some rules that go with ordering and drinking it. Don’t order milk in your coffee after 11 a.m, and this rule applies to every kind of coffee. No local would ever order a cappuccino in the afternoon or evening, and that’s because of the widespread, long-standing belief that milk will interfere with your digestion.

According to Italy Explained, you can certainly order a cappuccino at any time of the day, and while most places in larger will bring it to you, it’s not unheard of that your request could be outright refused.

You don’t need to use the word “espresso,” because that’s pretty much the standard. Don’t sit around and drink your coffee, just down it and go. And don’t order something complicated, it’s just rude, and it takes away from the brilliance of Italian coffee, best enjoyed in the same way it has been for generations.