“Ubud was perhaps the most unexpected of all the experiences during my stay in Indonesia. In fact, it was only meant to be a short stop for lunch as per our itinerary. But I was so much taken in by the beauty of this place that the idea of not exploring it further seemed criminal. So, I along with a couple of fellow travellers decided to chuck the plan for white river rafting and took a cab back to the craft capital of Bali made super famous by Elizabeth Gilbert’s bestseller ‘Eat, Pray, Love.’

Ubud 5

Far removed from the beach party scene of Bali, Ubud, was calm, serene and artistic. Dotted with lush green landscapes on the outside, the central streets of Ubud were bustling with European and Australian tourists, weaving their way in and out of shops, restaurants, and temples.

Ubud 1

I gleaned through the Ubud Art Market, selling a range of beautiful hand-crafted goods, Balinese-style paintings and silk scarves.

Ubud 3

We then moved across the street to the impressive Ubud Palace. Home to the royal family, the palace’s compound is worth checking out for the ornate stone carvings and gates that resembled the set of an Indiana Jones movie.

Ubud 2

We moved on to the nearby Pura Taman Saraswati, the only temple in the world dedicated to Saraswati, set beautifully behind a pond overflowing with pretty lotus blossoms. The allure of that place summed up why Ubud was a hot bed for spiritual healing.”

Text & Pix: Siddharth Birla

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