The beautifully lit café on the Siri Fort road in front of Gargi college is a treat to look at in the night. Spread across a comfortable and cosy space, this two-floored café is done up in an elegant white theme. With both indoor and outdoor seating, it offers you ample space to choose according to your mood.

The food is mainly Italian with richly flavoured pastas and good-sized pizzas. It also offers decent choices of coffees and cakes to make your evening outing perfect. The Diggin Coffee, an unusual mix of hot coffee and cold gelato sprinkled with chocolate chips is a must-try.

Diggin’s decorations, specially around Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve make for perfect instagrammable posts. The service is quick and friendly. Visit the café for good conversation, an artistic vibe, soft playlist and a satisfying evening coffee experience.

Text & Photos: Rachna Chandira