Joint MD of ECO Rent A Car (professional car rental and ground transportation company), Aditya Loomba, oversees the three crucial areas of the company – Business Development, Sales and Marketing. When he is not infusing fresh blood into the company’s operations, Aditya can be found working out at the gym or playing golf.

Always a busy man, he spared some time for us and answered a few questions.

Three luxury destinations that you recommend. 

Dubai for its shopping options, Cape Town since it has both- the mountains and the beach, and Gulmarg in India -the reasons are obvious. I’ll also add Cyprus to the list since it’s a personal favourite.


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An airline that you are most loyal to, and why?

Emirates because of their vast network, consistency in service and excellent variety of in-flight food options.

How would you define luxury travel?

Luxury is what money can buy. For me, it’s all about the opulence and materialistic comforts. Luxury travel means – crisp air, healthy food, and adventure activities. Any place that offers all three is a luxury destination.

The world’s best hotels? List five. 

1. Anantara, Phuket: Their private villas are fabulous and unlike any other place I’ve stayed at.

2. Wynn, Las Vegas: Inspite of the (sinful) indulgences, this hotel has a fresh feel to it. Tasteful interiors, fantastic breakfast buffet, and friendly staff – this place is on the top of my list.

3. Oberoi, Gurgaon: Excellent service, they know how to spoil you.

4. The Capella, Singapore: A stunning property.

5. The Pierre, New York: Located in the heart of New York city, you get a spectacular view of Central Park, which is right in front.

The peirre

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One gadget that you can’t do without when you travel. 

My power bank ; every other gadget is worthless without it.

Stress mantra during business travel. 

Keep away from alcohol during flights. Opt for juices and drink plenty of water instead. Workout every day even if it’s just 20/30 minutes. Travel light. For instance, instead of carrying several pairs of shoes, opt for a sturdy one which works well for both formal and informal meetings. I recommend Cole Haan shoes – best suited for travel.

What makes ECO Rent A Car a luxury car rental brand? 

What sets us apart is the effort and training that goes into making a chauffeur out of a driver. We train our drivers to be courteous and knowledgeable, and ensure a safe driving experience. The choice of fleet that we offer is something for everyone, ranging from a Toyota to a Mercedes and Chrysler limos. We have imported luxury mini vans with in-built massage chairs, a mini bar, and in car audio visual entertainment system for our customers. We provide an unparalleled experience in booking services. Our network is spread across 540 cities in 45 countries. Our next big move will be the adoption of  mobile technology platforms to handle on ground operations through an app. We’ve also introduced a large fleet of luxury Volvo coaches with washrooms to cater for groups travelling long distances.

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-Aditya Loomba spoke to TS writer Tanya Anand.