Yes, the Netherlands is a flat country. It literally means “Lower Countries”. Only 50% is situated 1 metre above sea level. Maybe it is because of the lack of heights, but it is almost always windy, especially when you are on your bike. The Dutch love their bikes, come rain or come shine.


They are very sportive, courageous people, since the wind always seems to be in your face, trying to discourage you to go any faster. However, we do have some hilly parts. Especially in the south of the Netherlands: Limburg.

Limburg is a country in a country. The people of Limburg have their own language, which you cannot understand if you are not a local. Luckily for you, tourists, they all speak English, so you stand more of a chance at actually knowing what they are talking about.

Walking down memory lane
People from Limburg are nice, funloving people. In the small villages, time has stood still. Everyone knows everyone and on Sunday they gather ‘round in the local pub. Most of the pubs have the look and feel of an old-fashioned sitting room. As if you are visiting your grandmother. The walls are full of pictures of days long gone.

Chances are the pub owner knows everything there is to know about his or her customers, especially after a few beers or other alcoholic beverage. Nobody seems to be in a rush.

Put on your hiking shoes
Limburg seems like a foreign country; green and hilly. People in Limburg are proud of their hills. Saint Pieters ‘mountain’ for instance is 171m, which is impressive, considering.

Since the Netherlands is also very small, you can easily visit Limburg even when you are staying in Amsterdam. It is about a two and a half hour drive. It really is worth your while and the view is fantastic.

From our Dutch Correspondent Mariël Van Den Donk

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