Located at a walking distance from Red Fort, very close to Moti Cinema, Manohar Dhaba is a popular stall in Old Delhi. It was established in 1924 in Lahore, but after the Partition, they moved to India and set up shop in Chandni Chowk. Though they serve regular street food like chhole bhature and paneer naan, they are famous for their unique “Japani Samosa.” Curiosity led me to the dhaba, and here’s my review of the samosa.

Manohar Dhaba, Japani Samosa Wale

Mera Samosa Hai Japani

The dhaba owners say the samosa takes five hours to make. The “Japani” thing about it is the sushi-like shape, with nearly 60  flaky layers. So actually, it is like puff pastry, with potato filling in the middle of each layer. It is fried and served with pickle and chhole. Though the combination isn’t bad, the Japani samosa doesn’t live up to its reputation. I found it too oily and wondered what’s so special about it other than the shape.

But they’ve been up and running for nearly 100 years now, so obviously, shape matters!

Review: Jatin Hisaria