Our Dutch correspondent Mariel Van den Donk picks three fun things to do during your next trip.

Have a picnic inside a doughnut in Almere

There used to be lots and lots of water where now find Almere. A little over 30 years old, this New Town is famous for its aquatics. You can lounge, cruise and have a wonderful BBQ inside a fun doughnut. This nice round boat comfortably accommodates 10 persons. Good weather guaranteed by the owner. You can bring your own picnic or choose to have it catered. Perfect pastime for a sunny afternoon.


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Time travel in the centre of Utrecht 

You want to go back in time and experience the city of Utrecht like you never did before? Then hop on this journey through time and play the interactive Ipad game: Lost in Time. This location based ipad game takes place in the centre of Utrecht. Your ipad is turned into a Time Machine. It shows you several historic events from Utrecht’s history while trying to stop a (fictitious) hacker called Thijmen, who wants to change history. It is your task to stop him or the future of everyone in the present is endangered. You can use your own ipad or rent one.

Explore a food walhalla in Rotterdam

Picture yourself in a market hall bursting at the seams with fresh fish, warm bread, tender meat, countless different cheeses and freshly harvested vegetables. This indoor food walhalla, recently inaugurated by the Queen, is the size of a massive football pitch. In the heart of the market floor, you’ll find 100 fresh produce units, interspersed with flowers and plants. Shop, wine, dine and perhaps enrol in the cookery school here. Bon appetit!

food walhalla

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-Edited by Travel Secrets writer Tanya Anand