Photographer and travel writer, Shoba Jolly, tells us how she took this shot.


I captured this shot, while attending a photography workshop in Lisbon, Portugal, in May 2015. The workshop was focused on street photography.

While scouting for interesting moments in the streets of Alfama district in Lisbon, my gaze moved upwards towards the window in this pink building in the street. These lovers were framed so prettily in a window that was flanked by flowerpots, which complemented the happy moment.Their apparent love for each other gave me the tiny window of time to quickly click and capture their candid expressions while they chatted happily to each other.

My camera settings were perfect as I had an aperture of 9, which allowed me to get good focus on most of the image. The shutter speed was 1/500, which was fast enough so that the hand movements of the couple didn’t blur in the photograph. The ISO was 125, which was good for a bright day.

I used a Canon 5 D Mark 3, which is a very good camera with a zoom lens of 24mm – 105mm, which allowed me to zoom into the scene, even though I was standing 15 feet lower, on the street.

To get a shot like this one has to instinctively recognize the potential of the shot and quickly capture the image, before the subjects see you and change their expressions.