Maple syrup might just be the sweetest thing about Quebec. La belle province produces a whopping 71% of the world’s supply, with 65 million pounds of this liquid gold stored in a Fort Knox-like “strategic reserve.” The highlight of syrup production is the sugaring off, when the sap runs. The Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers (FPAQ) chose 100 Maple Masters—from chefs to chocolatiers and even butchers—to incorporate maple syrup into delectable new recipes. A few ways to indulge your sweet tooth, are:

Rustic urban sugar shacks are a new Montréal trend. The spring time eateries pop up for eight weeks, often with top chefs at the helm creating classic Québécois dishes with a contemporary twist.

sugar shack urban

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The popular all-day breakfast chain Eggspectation has a year-round “Sugar Shack” special that includes mounds of fluffy scrambled eggs, ham, baked beans, fried potatoes and sweet crepes with enough maple syrup to drown your entire plate.

Since arriving in Canada, French chocolatier Yves Bonneau has created delectable bonbons featuring maple syrup with chocolate, nougatine, caramel and pears.


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Even the Benedictine monks at the St. Benoit-du-Lac Abbey on Lake Memphremagog are in on the magic of maple, creating heavenly maple butter and maple toffee sold in the abbey boutique.

Montréal ice cream maker Le glacier Bilboquet’s seasonal Maple Taffy is laced with maple syrup and chunks of maple toffee.



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– By Margo Pfeiff. Courtesy of Destination Canada.

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