Mariel is a fashionista and a journalist, as feisty and fun as they come. Her Amsterdam boutique Ditha Bonitha houses the most wonderful collection of eco-friendly, elegant products.

This time, our girl in Holland had a simple question to answer.

“If you were coming to India, what gifts would you bring us from Holland?”

Over to her:

The Dutch have many things for which they are famous. So what special gifts are a big hit?

There are not many people that do not fall for the sweet seduction of our ‘stroopwafel’. It can best be translated as treacle-waffle. It tastes heavenly and you can buy them at any supermarket in the Netherlands. Starting at €1,50
My secret: buy them at any Saturday market, preferably when they are warm. Choose the biggest size: diameter 25 centimetres. The ones made with dairy butter are the best, but that goes without saying.

The Dutch all walk on wooden shoes and live in windmills. Just kidding, but that is the image a lot of people have of our windy country. The wooden shoes are not comfortable at all. However they are great when working in the garden. You can buy them in most of the gift shops.
My secret: Buy them at a garden centre. You will find the original wooden varieties without all the painting on it and they are much cheaper. Price: around 25 euro and up.

The Dutch are famous for their tulips. All colours and varieties. You buy them as bulbs and they bloom for years and years when properly taken care of.

My secret: In the spring you can cycle or drive along the tulip fields in Flevoland. From April until May there is the Tulip Festival. You can pick your own tulips of buy bulbs. The tulip fields are impressive and colourful. Around 5 euro and up.

I could go on and on but do try the typically Dutch liquorice, the ‘bitterbal’ (crunchy deep fried meatballs) or the Dutch Cheese. All to die for…