What can you do on a 2 day trip to Amsterdam? Plenty and more! Here’s what our Holland Correspondent Marielle van den Donk plans for Travel Secrets Editor-in-chief Shubhra Krishan.

Dear Mariel,

Hope you’re doing great. Guess what: I’m coming to Amsterdam! I’ll be there only for two days, though, after which I fly off to California. I am so excited that it’s happening at last! Now over to you for ideas on what we’re going to see and do.



Hey  Shubhra,

Great news!  I am going to be on a break for work during your travel dates, so we can pack in a lot of fun stuff.

I am so looking forward to showing you around our great capital city. You will love the typical houses, the canals and of course the shop until you drop areas. In Amsterdam you can eat food from all over the World. And if you are up for it, I will let you taste some typical Dutch treats.

If there is one thing you cannot count on in Holland, it is the weather. Not even in high summer season. Luckily we are prepared and there are loads of things to do outside and inside. For fresh fruit and nice bargains you have to go to the Albert Cuyp Market, early Saturday morning. During the week there are many other markets where you can buy fresh fruit and flowers and all kinds of other stuff, ranging from clothes and sweets to shoes, paintings and furniture.


Albert Cuyp Market


On a more cultural note, I really have to take you to the Rijksmuseum, which is super special. After more than a decade (!) of renovation, it is home to a beautiful collection of Rembrandts and Vermeers, finally showed off with its new  look. It is awesome!



You know Anne Frank? She kept a diary during World War II before she was imprisoned and killed by the Germans. She is an important symbol of that time. We have to stop by and visit the Anne Frank House.  Afterwards we take the boat to explore the canals.


In the city centre there are so many, sometimes very quaint, cafés to choose from. Let’s sit on the terrace, nip on a glass of wine and watch people.  We could also visit The Vondel park a beautiful park in the heart of Amsterdam where you can find students lying in the grass, or juppies drinking a beer on one of the many terraces. The Amsterdam Forrest is also a super place to go.









I know you like bags, every woman does. How about a visit to the Bag museum or, even better, shop in the nine streets in the Jewish district to put something in our bags.

Bag Museum

Bag Museum

And I have to take you to Magna Plaza, a shopping Mall in a beautiful historic building.

Magna Plaza

Magna Plaza

Girl, I do love to see you again, but could you please stay longer than 48 hours because it won’t be enough…