Daniel is obsessed with exploring the world, meeting amazing people (and goats) and getting as lost as possible with his camera. He was on the road for 1467 days between 2014 – 2018, taking a chance on changing his career from restaurants to capturing the world and somehow it all worked out.

Why goats: Haha, I love that goats have become my signature thing! I just love how easy going they are, eating, sleeping and climbing everywhere. It was in Oman I really fell in love with them, and my profile photo came from. I just find them to be amusing animals.

Your most exhilarating travel moment: Hiking the Lares Trek in Peru was pretty incredible. It was my first multi-day hike and the landscapes and history were impressive, though tough with the altitude. Watching sunrise in Bagan from a hot air ballon, although not tough, was seriously exhilarating. Seeing the countless temples from above in the mist really took my breath away.

Your best-kept travel secret: This is a tough one, as somewhere which is a secret one day can quickly not be with social media. I think Raja Ampat, a remote collection of islands in Indonesia and home to the most bio-diversity in the world would still be my top pick. Transport and arrangements to get there are still harder than many places, so although a few images of it keep appearing online, it’s very much a gem still where internet and electric are limited, and the nature is out of this world.

The most bizarre dish you’ve ever tasted: Guinea Pig in Peru was a weird one for me, though it didn’t taste too unusual. In China I certainly ate a few things that I’m sure were pretty unique—most the time I wasn’t sure what I was eating!

A hair-raising moment: I went out on a hike in Salzburg many years ago and it was icy and slippy. Stupidly, I was very new to travel and did not have the right shoes on and was travelling solo. I slipped while trying to take a photo and was clinging on to the barriers so I wouldn’t fall from the mountain edge. Luckily, a German hiker passing by helped me back up, but it was one of those ‘life flashing before your eyes’ moments.

If you had to stay in one city for one full year, no exit allowed, which one would you pick and why: This is a tough question, not because I’d want to move on, but because there are so many places I would love to live. Sydney is certainly a city I could spend a year in, as you have the beaches, the nature, a great city and a good quality of life, although it’s certainly not cheap!

One island where you’d happily stay marooned, and why: Mauritius or Dominica would both be pretty perfect places to be marooned, not only do you have incredible beaches, but they also offer plenty of hikes, nature and culture to keep you entertained. My worst nightmare would be a little sand island, say the Maldives, as I would go crazy pretty quickly!

Travellers you admire: There are many I know who aren’t known, or famous, but keep on exploring every little corner of the world. They might not be shouting about it on blogs or social media, but I think that allows a much more intimate form of travel, and people to go places that are harder to access. Those are the people I admire, that can truly get into the wild and keep on exploring.

The greatest life lesson your travels have given you: We are all just humans, usually with the same basic wants and needs. Travelling seriously made me drop all my wrongful stereotypes and beliefs that we somehow get in the west, whether from TV or what we are told. My parents always raised me to believe no one was better or more important than anyone else, and travel cemented that, and my belief that countries and borders shouldn’t define aid or supporting each other.

One question you wish someone would ask you: How do we improve diversity in travel writing and the travel industry in general. It’s a big problem, and one that needs to be addressed. So, the more we talk about it, hopefully the better the situation will be. It’s 2019 and we all need to do better in representing communities across the world in the right way, but also adding more diverse and interesting voices to the travel narrative.

Dan spoke to Skand Agarwal of Travel Secrets magazine. Connect with Dan on https://www.danflyingsolo.com/