The Nomadic Boys describe themselves as “two greedy boys exploring the world”

How did you decide to become the ‘nomadic boys’

 Since we began our relationship in 2009, we both shared a passion for travelling. Stefan used to be a lawyer in London and Seby a computer programmer. After years of planning and saving, we agreed we’d leave our lives and jobs in London for a 1 year Sabbatical in Asia. We started Nomadic Boys as a blog for our family and friends, but it since morphed into something bigger and has now become our full-time vocation.


Asia Gay Couple

  Challenges you’ve faced along the way

We have travelled to places where being gay is either a crime (like Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, the Maldives,  the UAE) or such a taboo that you risk your life being “out” (like Russia, Indonesia). In these sorts of places, we go back in the closet and act like “mates” in public, usually opting for single beds, unless we are 100% certain the hotel is gay-friendly and ok about two men sharing a bed. Also in these sorts of places, all public displays of affection are a massive no, unless of course, we’re in a place we know is gay-friendly.

One traveller you admire

Indiana Jo and Jodi of Legal Nomads – both fellow ex-lawyers who are killing it on the travel blog scene who inspired us from the outset, providing us with invaluable information and advice about the travel blogging world.

The greatest life lesson your travels have given you

Take a chill pill, always. Things will not always go as planned. That’s part of the beauty of travelling. It’s at these moments when impulsive things happen, which turn out to be the most memorable and exciting. We’ve learnt not to sweat the small stuff, enjoy life as it is in front of you and to really live in the moment, make the most of it.

Stefan&Sebestien in Amsterdam

Stefan& Sebestien in Amsterdam

Your best-kept travel secret

Being able to work online means we can be based anywhere as long as we have good Internet access. This has allowed us to travel slowly, therefore saving more money and allowing us to really see a place thoroughly.

An experience that gave you goosebumps

Watching a glorious sunset in the middle of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, with a nomad playing the local fiddle and throat singing, whilst his heard of camels slowly dozed off and went to sleep. The incredible moment we’ll never forget!


Galapagos Espanola island Gardner Bay sea lions

Galapagos Espanola island Gardner Bay sea lions

How do you handle your social media while travelling

We spent a lot more time than we should! Nomadic Boys is our baby – our passion, so we are on it all the time. We have however learned to discipline ourselves and agree that at mealtimes, evenings and weekends, there is no mobile or laptop.

What is one thing that you cannot travel without

Despite the answer to the earlier question, it’s the smartphone! Back when we started travelling in the late 1990s / early 2000s, these things just didn’t exist. Back then it was hardcopy guidebooks and those old cameras you had to buy negatives for. Today, the smartphone is everything – GoogleMaps, a camera, a calculator, Uber, currency conversion, alarm clock etc!

The Nomadic Boys spoke to Jhalak Mehra of Travel Secrets magazine