The book Mosquitoland by David Arnold is a beautiful literary piece that you can carry with you the next time you go an adventure. The book is about Mary Iris Malone, also known as Mim, who embarks on a journey via a Greyhound bus to reunite with her real family after knowing that her mother is sick. She runs into various people—some gut-wrenching foul, others heartwarming and loveable. Mim uncovers too many secrets to count and gets a little help from green-eyed, attractive college student Beck and Walt, a boy with Downs Syndrome, who just might steal your heart. She’s vulnerable, witty, slightly cynical, and she’s in trouble.


Photo: Colin Ashby /

Mim is clearly shown suffering from psychological problems that run in the family. However, it’s the narrative that Mim provides – her realistic, life-is-not-sunshine-and-rainbows attitude that draws readers into her adventure. Mosquitoland is a young-adult book that is unusual, eccentric, refreshingly sarcastic and will have you questioning things you may not have thought about in a while.

Input: Prajal Narain