It’s a world inside a home, and one can only imagine what it must have taken this slight old man to create this incredible beauty of a museum.

A simple, humble art teacher,  the 60-something Mr. Kung has been putting together his antiques since 1974. Which means, what you see here is more than 45 years worth of documenting Thai life and tradition in the form of simple everyday objects.

Old coins, scissors, lamps, clocks, cans, toys, jugs, mugs, pots, pans, typewriters, desks, beds, radios, pianos, even vehicles…to picture him placing all of these and then hundreds more into his home, arranging them room by room and shelf by shelf, with no agenda but to preserve a window into his country as it used to be, is immensely moving.

Until 2016, this was his home. He turned it into a museum, thus creating an unexpected but unmissable treasure-house in the heart of Thailand.

To run your fingers over the grooves of this old waffle maker…evokes nostalgia for the simple times.

Once upon a time, a bunch of Thai children sat here. Wonder what lessons they learnt and where they are now.

A clean, well-lighted place, filled with memories of multiple lives and moments.

Life as it used to be, when we hadn’t become digital zombies… 

Walking through the 20-plus rooms of this museum is like walking the corridors of Thai daily life as it used to be. Ah, so this was what people used for getting their hair cut. The ovens, the pans, the clocks, the toys, and oh boy, the cameras of yore! Let the pictures tell you more stories:


Timings: 9 am to 4 pm

Admission fee: 80 Baht per adult / 30 Baht per child/ 150 Baht for foreigners


Number 162/6 Moo 5. KramKram district in Rayong province 21190

Telephone: 087-129 9405