Virgin landscapes. Ancient riverside cities. And the world’s best wine…for the price of a coffee! Rohnish Sabharwal’s trip to Georgia puts it on top of our wish list.

So where exactly is Georgia? Let the map tell you:

Georgia, Europe

3 Georgia secrets most people don’t know:
New archaeological evidence shows that Georgia is probably the oldest European civilisation.
According to Orthodox tradition, Christianity was first preached in Georgia by the Apostles Simon and
Andrew in the 1st century. Georgia is the world’s cradle of wine. Its wines are among the oldest and best in the world, and they
are not expensive either!

How was the weather?
Weather in the month of July within the capital region i.e. Tbilisi is warm but pleasant. Max temp was 29
deg C and minimum at night dipped to 22 deg C. In higher places like Kazbeghi and Burjomi it was cooler,
withnan average of 15 deg C

Was language a problem?
95% of Georgians speak English. But taxi drivers speak English rarely.

Kazbegi, Georgia

Were the locals friendly?
Georgians are extraordinarily polite and co-operative. They are very helpful and don’t bluff around to pinch the extra buck from tourists.

Which places did you visit on your trip?
Tbilisi, Borjomi, Kazbeghi, Gori, Khashuri, Mtskheta

Borjomi, Georgia

How did you plan your route?
We made Tbilisi our base and drove out to the other cities daily.

Your impressions of Tblisi.
Tbilisi is a small metro city on the banks of Kura River. The city is still away from European/American hassles. It carries the influence of multiple countries such as Russia, Iran and Turkey. It’s a cosmopolitan
city with many ancient churches, Persian mosques and Jewish synagogues.


People around Tbilisi are not so rich as compared to those in other European countries. Cost of living is very economical: The average income of a middle class Georgian family is equivalent to Rs 20000/- per
month. Local taxis are much cheaper compared to any Indian metro city. Within 4-5 Lari (less than Rs 150) one can move around from one corner of the city to another. (1 Georgian Lari = Rs 28 approx. )

Can you recommend some good hotels?
• Hotel Astoria (4-Star hotel @ Rs 4-5000 per day, including breakfast).
• Golden Palace (4-Star delux hotel @ Rs 4-7000 per day including breakfast).
• Iveria Inn (4-Star delux hotel @ Rs 4-7000 per day including breakfast).

How was the food?
It was a treat to try Georgian food. Trout is served in every restaurant and is delicious. As the main product of Georgia is fruits and vegetables, all restaurants serve fresh food. Tinned/canned food culture
does not exist at all. There are 7-8 Indian restaurants as well.

Any restaurants that you loved?
Maharajah, an Indian restaurant with Georgian chefs was superb. Another restaurant above the funicular near the TV tower serves fabulous Georgian food.


Tried their street foods?
Street eats such as Kachapuri (Georgian bread with layers of cheese) and Khinkali (which looks like momos) are delicious and worth a try.























What’s the cost of the following in Georgia?
a) Car rental—taxi for a short distance of about 7-8 km costs Rs 120 max. A taxi for the whole day
with professional guide costs approx Rs 11, 500.
b) A bottle of local wine—varies from Rs 300 to Rs 4300.
c) An average meal for two—max Rs 600.

The most beautiful sights you saw.
Kazbeghi town and drive to the church of 5th Century in Kazbeghi. The panoramic view on the way to
Kazbeghi, Stalin museum in Gori, which is around 10 km away from Russian occupation zone.

One memorable experience.
Borjomi city and its spas.

Good tip: Do take a winery tour; you’ll love it.

Rohnish Sabharwal is an electrical engineer based in Muscat, Oman. He travels extensively across the world on work and for leisure.

Note: This article was published in 2017. Please check current prices