“Ministry of Beer” – MOB is the first Steam Punk theme based restaurant in the country, and one of the first Craft Beer hubs in Central Delhi. If you’re with a bunch of friends and in the mood for great drinks, good food and a chilled out evening, ditch the guesswork and head straight here.

M Block in Connaught Place is not exactly the most appealing of corridors. but as soon as you walk into the Ministry of beer (we love the name, too!), the interiors stun you! Everything here is statement-making, beer-themed, but without a trace of loud or vulgar. Exposed metal gears, mechanical clocks and dangling lights. Even before you take your table, the mood is set for a relaxed, leisurely evening ahead.

We’re told that the semi-outdoor ground floor area is the quietest, with “noise” levels rising as you move up. We choose to move up one floor, admiring how a staircase has been wrapped around an old tree. Great care was taken not to disturb the natural environment, we are later told.

The Food:

The menu offers global cuisine, and we are quite spoilt for choice. Signature dishes include Old Monk Ki Raan, Triple Kukkad Burger, Sushi – Spicy Avocado Maki, Veneration Nigiri, Baked Chicken Wings, Fennel and Wild Mushroom Vada, Kachi Ghani Achaari Murgh, Mutton Rahra Lukmi, Grilled Snapper Polychattu, Braised Lamb Nets.Everything we taste is, without exception, delicious and beautifully presented.

I’ve enjoyed Paalak Patta Chaat in many places, but the one they serve is outstanding. The paneer and chicken kebabs are absolutely succulent, and spiced to perfection. From pasta to pizza to risotto and all the wedges and platters in between, you’re guaranteed to make this a totl treat for your tastebuds and a task ahead for your waistline.



MOB takes you down to the urban grunge lane, where industrial meets the Victorian to create a concoction that is bold yet elegant; and contemporary yet classy.mutton-rahra-lukmi

They’ve worked hard on food plating, but even more hearteningly, the chef has ensured top class taste. No assumptions here that the drinks will drown out the need for flavour—they know that we Delhiites know our food!


Unique Factors:

360 degree rotational DJ sound system.

Environment-friendly ETP Installation to purify waste water

The main bar at this downtown staple feels like you’ve been transported to another century. It is designed in such a way that steam punk vibes and Gothic flair pulsates throughout. It has great combination of cocktails and craft beers.


The pairing of uniquely designed interiors, soothing music, mouthwatering delicacies, thirst quenching beverages and friendly staff makes it a winner all the way. We loved how our evening slid by in a delicious haze of drinks, dinner and chatter.kebab-platter

Address – M-43, Outer Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi, 110001

Meal For Two – Rs. 1200

Timings – 12 am to 12 pm

For Reservations – 8800012060; 8800012061