Kisama village,Kohima

On  21st December 2018 when I was on a trip to North East with one of my friends. We were lighting up the fire and setting up the camp into the woods of Doyang valley near Wokha town in Nagaland, I overheard one of the locals sitting further ahead of us, talking about beautiful sunrise views of Kisama village in Kohima and Sunset views of Majuli, an island on Brahmaputra River, Assam.

I immediately decided to change the itinerary and to further extend my trip. I got up at 3:00 in the morning. My tent partner was asleep. I packed my little bag with a water bottle, cigarettes & lighter. I walked down for almost 60 mins and crossed many paddy-fields until I found the perfect spot. I took the camera and ideated on composition while waiting for the perfect light. I finally  captured the shot I wanted with Canon EOS 6D

ISo – 400, f stop 4.5, shutter 1/160 exposure step down


Majuli Island

Majuli Island, Assam

I left from Kohima early and took a halt at Jorhat in Assam. The next afternoon,  I took a ferry boat and sailed around an hour to reach Majuli Island around 4 pm. I spent an hour with locals to know about the beautiful places in Assam. I got to know about Majuli Island. I climbed up a small cliff near the island which took me about 30 minutes. At last, I was able to capture the sunset.

Iso 100, f stop f/10, shutter 1/20

“It is not about capturing a series of photographs, it is all about the path you take to reach the destination which brings out the story to tell” Nishant Rodey

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Nishant Rodey spoke to Jhalak Mehra from Travel Secrets magazine