Meet Nirav: Our Africa Correspondent is a born explorer. Armed with his camera and bird book, Nirav likes to head out and explore new places whenever he gets a chance to! You will probably find him running after birds just to get that right shot. If you want to relax and laze around during a trip, avoid him because his dangerous ‘to do/to see’ lists will probably drive you crazy!

An hour’s drive from Galle, Mirissa is at the southern tip of Sri Lanka. Every morning at 7AM, tourist boats leave this port and head into the Indian Ocean to spot dolphins and the elusive blue whale.


I was lucky enough to spot a pod (group) of spinner dolphins twice, and also a blue whale along with her baby. Scouring the ocean for minutes on end, until you locate a whale when it spouts water from its blowhole is a fascinating experience!

A boat ride from 7AM to noon costs approx INR 3000 (pl check current prices) if you book a seat directly at the docks; however this price might go up if you go via an agent. Make sure to carry sea sickness pills and sun tan as the boat ride can be rocky and the sun harsh.