The Before Trilogy

The Before trilogy consists of three films of lovers Jesse and Céline at three different parts of their lives. The trilogy consists of the films Before Sunrise , Before Sunset and Before Midnight. Filmed and set at nine-year intervals, each film takes place over the course of a few hours.

Before sunset

Before Sunrise, the first film in the trilogy, is set in a single night in Vienna, Austria. Jesse and Céline meet on a train travelling to Vienna from Budapest, Hungary. The two wander the streets of Vienna and become romantically interested in each other. At the end of the film, they part, but agree to meet again in the future.

Before sunset

Before Sunset takes place nine years after the first film, and is set in a single afternoon in Paris, France. Jesse, now a best-selling author, has a chance encounter with Céline while on tour in Europe promoting his latest book, an account of their prior meeting in Vienna. They wander Paris having conversations similar to the first film.

Before Midnight

Before Midnight takes place nine years later, and is set in a single afternoon in at a seaside village in Greece. Jesse and Céline are now a couple. The two have twin daughters together, and initially appear happy, but the relationship is at a crossroads. The two have a heated argument over some matters, but reconcile by the end of the film.


Input by Mohammad Zaid