Alexis Stephens and Christian Parsons, the cofounders of Tiny House Expedition, are filmmakers, DIY tiny house dwellers, and community educators. With their tiny house in tow, Alexis and Christian are on an extraordinary road trip across North America, with over 48,000 miles traveled and counting—the world’s most travelled tiny house on wheels!


TS: “How did the idea germinate?”

Alexis: “Our personal journey to tiny living was born out of desire to simplify, create more flexibility and embrace everyday adventure. No matter if you travel or stay put, tiny living encourages stronger connection to your surroundings, which opens the door to more experiences. It all began with a road trip to Lake Michigan where we learned that we worked well together in small spaces and enjoyed traveling together. After this trip, we discussed building a custom teardrop trailer, and this turned into a tiny house on wheels.”


TS: “The greatest joy of owning a tiny house”

Alexis: “For us, tiny living is an expression of the essence of who you are. Minimalize your possessions to uncover yourself. That’s just the beginning. Living consciously and simply helps create more gratitude for what we do have and more personal freedom to embrace everyday adventure.”

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