Iain Beattie founded Wildspace in January 2000.  He lived in South Africa for much of his life before moving to the US in order to pursue his Masters Degree at Columbia University in New York City. After working for three years at the United Nations HQ in Manhattan, he was lured (not at all unwillingly) to India by his to-be wife Ayesha, where he grabbed the opportunity to turn his interest in wilderness into a business.

Two Oceans Restaurant is located at the tip of a peninsula, at the tip of a continent, with nothing between your glass of champagne and the Antarctic, apart from open sea. It is perched precariously above the angry meeting point of two powerful ocean currents on the spit of land that juts southwards from the majestic city of Cape Town. As a venue for Valentine’s Day, it cannot be beaten.


February is the best month to visit South Africa, and the drive to reach the restaurant rivals the best coastal meanders on the planet. From the shadows of Table Mountain, drive along the pristine Atlantic coastline to Hout Bay, where you stop for a quick boat ride to inspect a colony of Cape Fur Seals not far offshore.

From Iain Beattie, Wildspace

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