If you love colours, you will love this secret!

In her travel blog, The World of Wanderlust, renowned solo blogger, Brooke Saward, lists Balat in Turkey as one of the most colourful destinations in the world. Once part of Istanbul’s old Jewish quarter, today, this neighborhood is littered with trendy restaurants and cafes, and is home to artists and designers.

The Guardian, one of our favourite newspapers, says, “Just two miles north along the Golden Horn from Eminönü – the quarter known for Topkapi Palace, tour groups and Hagia Sophia – lies another Istanbul altogether. In the side-by-side quarters of Fener and Balat, lines of drying laundry stretch across steep, winding streets. Century-old Ottoman houses lean against each other in a kaleidoscope of reds, blues and greens. And art galleries and design shops dot the area along the water.”


Rich in history, this lesser explored part of the city should definitely be on every travellers’ list!