Travel Secret #327

1. Check in between 3- 5 pm

Most rooms are given out during this period, so the front office is surer of cancellations and availability.

Vintage old hotel bell on the table

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2. Play the emotional card

Tell them you are visiting on a special occasion. Tell them you love the hotel and, and that it’s your third visit here (they are not going to pull out records). It works like a charm.


3. Time your trip right

Big city hotels have lower occupancy on the weekend, so that’s when chances of your getting an upgrade are higher. In leisure properties, weekends are packed, so try and travel mid-week.


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4. Don’t book the cheapest room

Go for a mid-range suite, so that you can be bumped up to a really nice one.

mid suite range

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5. Do some research and call the hotel in advance

Check out the property online, and identify the rooms and suites you like. Then write an email, or make a phone call to request one of those rooms even if they show non-available online. Remember cancellations happen all the time.