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Although Kashmir is frequented by travelers every year, most don’t venture beyond Aroo village, Pahalgam. A short, seven to eight kilometer trek away from Aroo is Lidderwat. The trek takes you up the Lidder river which flows from Aroo village to Pahalgam and beyond. The trek up the Lidder river is fairly easy but be sure to carry enough water and wear hiking shoes.  The tiny hamlet of Lidderwat has no road connectivity and cellular reception and is vastly different from your everyday urbanized villages. All that you will find in Lidderwat is a huge expanse of meadows and maybe a few bakarwals (local shepherds) and gujjars ( pastoral agricultural ethnic group). There are hardly any human settlements and hence you can feast your eyes on the pristine, untouched beauty of the land. As you look around, do close your eyes for a brief moment and listen in on the sweet sounds of silence. We would also recommend that you take in a deep breath and fill your lungs with as much fresh air as possible. Once here, it becomes increasingly difficult to want to get back to the humdrum of everyday life, but hey, you can always come back.

It is good to know that many of the locals residing in Pahalgam would be happy to organize a one day guided tour to Lidderwat valley and back. Although beware of crooks and thugs!

It is best if you make you plan your trip at the earliest before commercialization hits Lidderwat and it’s pristine beauty is destroyed.




-Photo Credit: Google Images

-Lidderwat Valley in Winters.

Secret Courtesy: Travel Secrets reader Aman Gupta. Aman Gupta is an HR Professional with Tata Communications, New Delhi, India. He is an avid traveler and a biking enthusiast, who loves making his way through uncharted territory. This little tidbit is from his recent trip to Kashmir.