Commonly enjoyed in western Alaska, Akutag (”a-goo-duk”) is a peculiar kind of ice cream. It contains lots of lovely berries, but something else that isn’t exactly appetising: plenty of animal fat!

Yes, this Eskimo ice cream is one of the top fattiest foods of the States, because it was originally made as a survival food! Usually, Akutaq is based around mixing berries such as Cranberries, Blueberries, Cloudberries etc.  But along with the berries, the recipe also contains plenty of animal fat, which could be reindeer fat, caribou fat, seal oil or even whale fat.

A certain variant of Akutaq also contains roots found in mouse holes! (Mouse Akutaq). To enhance the taste, the use of flaked white fish or sheefish does the trick. Mix it all with plenty of water, and there you go.