A gift from foreign shores is always special. We have all known—and loved—the joy in a friend’s eyes as they open a packet of hand-picked Assam tea, sandalwood incense sticks or a lovely bell-metal Ganesha.

When our friends come visiting, they too spend time and care picking up souvenirs for us. Wine, perfume or wall hanging; they know where exactly to go shopping for those special souvenirs from their land. We asked them to tell us those secret spots, and the result is a delectable collection of gift ideas from all over the world. Your personal resource directory, put together by locals from across the continent!

Ever been to Indonesia? And no, I’m not just talking about the beaches of Bali, though those are beautiful, too. The land holds immense allure for those who love a combination of rich heritage and superb shopping. Siddharth Birla’s picks from his recent trip will tell you more. We have a great idea for your next Europe holiday. It’s tucked among the mountains, virtually tourist-free, and incredibly affordable. Rohnish Sabharwal shows you Georgia, and i for one
am blown away!

Meet travel bloggers Savi and Vid. And a man who is named after a Rajasthan fort! Catch a snowflake in Gulmarg.

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