Released: 2008

Cast: Joshua Jackson, Peter Spence

Director: Michael McGowan

One Week follows the journey of Ben Tyler, a young man who’s just learned that he has terminal and aggressive cancer. Leaving behind his perplexed fiancee, Ben(Jackson) buys a 1973 Norton motorcycle and heads west, from Toronto to Vancouver. His journey takes him through nature and introduces him to interesting fellow travellers. The places he goes range from iconic to idiosyncratic. A critic has called it “A Love Letter to Canada.”

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Snippets from reviews:

“Michael McGowan has created a beautiful piece of Canadian art. The style is very reminiscent of great artists like Bruce McDonald and Don McKellar. This film certainly pulled at my heart strings having been to most of the places in this film. As well, Joshua Jackson’s performance was stellar.”

“A significant theme of the movie was that the world (and especially Canada) is a beautiful place, and the direction and cinematography capture this exceptionally. I haven’t seen any movies recently which have created as visceral a reaction in myself – I freely admit that I was in tears at times.”

“…the gorgeous cross-country scenery provides both a backdrop and a reflective commentary on the main character’s personal search.”