The Whisky Bar is the exciting new bar in town with some elaborate offerings on the menu. An inviting and well-stocked bar greeted us, and we chose to sit right next to the bartender, the centre of all their Friday-night action.

First up, Chief Mixologist Gaurav Dhyani was happy to introduce us to some of the Whisky Bar’s innovations—and we were happy to play guinea pig! We were pleasantly surprised to see that the bartender could handle all the challenges we threw at him and mixed some memorable cocktails with whisky, rum and cognac! TS recommends the ‘Scafflow,’ a cocktail which claims its history from Paris in the 1920s: made with Bourbon whisky, dry vermouth, grenadine, orange bitters and lime juice. ‘Remember The Maine,’ a cocktail with rye whisky, sweet vermouth, cherry liqueur and absinthe; was exactly as lavish-tasting as it sounds. Also, do indulge in their nutmeg-cognac nightcap at the end of your meal.

Speaking of the meal: Chef Kulbeer sculpted some amazing dishes for us from the kitchen. We tried the fish tempura bao, duck rolls and prawn satay and boy did we love it! One dish that pleasantly surprised us was the cheese fondue pizza, a thin crispy pizza with a royal cheesy goodness spread all over it. The culinary innovations were refreshing and not forced like a lot of new places in town. For dessert, the menu had some exciting pieces, the first being an incredible crispy waffle topped with ice cream, fruit and marshmallow, then we tried a chocolate cake filled with molten chocolate. If we were already on cloud nine, we were now exiting the stratosphere!

Remember The Maine

At the end of our dinner we reclined on our high bar seats and looked around The Whisky Bar (we were constantly reminded of the name of the place courtesy ice cubes in our glasses which had the logo branded across their surface), and all we could see were people having fun and making memories, and we realised we had done exactly the same. As this restaurant gets older perhaps they can work on their weekend music playlist to include something for everybody, but that said TS most definitely recommends The Whisky Bar as the new must-try in town.

Cocktails from the Whisky Bar, the one on the right is ‘Scafflow’

Duck Rolls

Fish Tempura Bao

The Whisky Bar offers a diverse and fresh bar menu

Prawn Satay

Cognac with nutmeg